Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Koeksisters and Rugby - South African traditions

Interesting day we had today! Theo's rugby match was fun. They lost, but they had a good game. I've managed to get some pictures of him tackling guys twice his size and hope to scrap them soon.

Tonight there was a heritage scrap over at The Daily Scrap - the challenge was to scrap some tradition or habit to remember. I thought koeksisters (a sweet sugar dumpling, for want of a better translation) would be a good subject!

The bigger layout can be seen here if you want to read more about this treat.

About the rugby - here is one small cutout of Theo tackling a guy very close to the posts - the blue in the background is the foot of one of the posts under which a try could be scored.

Oh - and not to look as if one son gets more attention than the other (LOL heaven forbid!) - Jaco was invited to get a Principal's award on Friday, for staying on the honours roll. Hope to get a picture there - they are usually very good and keep these awards ceremonies small enough for people to circulate and chat and get good bragbook pictures for the grandparents.

Thanks for reading!


gillybeany said...

Hi Meerkat! Love you site!! i hope you dont mind to me putting it here - the link you were after is..
i will link to your blog from mine if thats ok!
Nice to see you like the rugger!! Me too!!

Bat said...

such handsome boys you have! Love this!

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