Saturday, April 22, 2006

A whole day scrapbooking!

What a great day - starting with scrapbooking as usual once a month with friends. We chat, we laugh, we share, we borrow, we eat, we swap recipes - it is just a wonderful time to be away from chores for a few hours. Especially on a day like today, when it rained softly all day. Everything is green and soft and lovely!

Sweet Dreams layout
I used the time to make another quickpage or scraplet (one where you just drop pictures in) for a digital swap on 3Scrapateers. This page features a basinette made out of the papers of the kit. The layout is here on 3Scrapateers if anyone wants to take a look. Yes, no pictures, because each swapper will add their own pictures to the layouts swapped and traded.

Photo Shoot Layout
Another layout made tonight, looks very different! It is called "Photo shoot" and was taken in the snow in March 2006. The camera wouldn't play with the self timer, we fell over in the knee-deep snow, etc. It was great fun, and we finally had a picture where everyone was smiling! That layout is in two galleries: one on Scrapmommies and the other on 3Scrapateers.

Oh yes, and Arno bought a new tree - my beloved tamarisk - for the back yard!

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Bat said...

Very nice layouts! Love the one you made for the challenge, and also the layouts of the snow pics - you know how i love the bright colours, so it was very satisfying to view that layout!

Btw, have a 56k modem at home (too, grr), so tis very slow, so if I don't read it all, will catch with all you've written soon (and I WANT to, so sjarrup!)

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