Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Trying out new things all the time to fit in with the restricted diet, is an ongoing adventure. Depending on my mood and energy, I sometimes make a few items to use during the week, or to freeze for later use when the energy is low.

Last night I roasted a butternut squash, a large red onion, a green apple, firm red peppers, and a few kale leaves with sea salt to crunch as chips. When cooled down, the squash was scooped out and mixed with onion and apple as well as low sodium (preferably home-made) stock to create a creamy soup. A splash of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) added some tang.

The peppers were left to cool a bit, then the skins removed, some more onion and garlic added as well as stock. Use a wand or immersion blender to smooth. Today, a few fresh kale leaves were added before heating up the soup - look at the pretty colours!
 When the kale had wilted and the soup was warm, it needed some creaminess ... and I've found that milk doesn't always play nice with me any more. So a dollop of Greek yogurt did the trick!

I thought it looked VERY pretty and healthy, but the guys in the office had all sorts of things to say about a purely vegetable meal. They'd rather have bacon or bratwurst or hamburgers. No matter what they think, I thoroughly enjoyed this meal!

1 comment:

Jazmin Louw said...

I think your soup looks absolutely yummy.

Will definitely try it on a colder day. Thanks for sharing :)

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